EGER-56D Electronic Call

Rass Group Electronics
Eger-56D has a 0.96’ OLED display that shows the number and name of the voice track, volume level and pause duration in seconds.
There are four quick access buttons located on the front panel. The user may select favorite voice tracks of different animals or create a combination of voice tracks for one animal or bird to access them at any moment during the hunt.
ON/OFF/CONTROL button is located at the top of the hunting call.
Eger 56D can be connected to a 6-9 W external power source using our power cable (sold separately).
The internal speaker has a limited range of operation about 150-200 meters. You may increase the range up to 5000 meters by connecting one or two AVZM/VZM external speakers to your game call.
·       Digital amplifier
·       0.96’ OLED display
·       1 W internal speaker
·       4 quick access buttons
·       Powered by four 1.5 V batteries LR6 or FR6 (not included)
·       248 voice tracks on 32 Gb MicroSD card (included)
·       LED flashlight
·       Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 30 mm
·       Weight: 80 g