Rass Group Electronics
AVZM-3 external speaker can be connected to any EGER hunting call to increase the sound quality and the range of luring up to 4500 m. It is efficient both in vast open territories and small hunting areas.
The speaker has two modes of operation. In active mode it is powered from six 1.5 V AA batteries, in passive mode it is powered from the hunting call itself.
AVZM-3 has an improved transducer to ensure the best performance in both high and low pitches.
AVZM-3 can be equipped with 5 m, 10 m 0r 20 m AVZM extension cables (sold separately).
·       Digital amplifier
·       10 W capacity
·       Volume up to 115 dB
·       Power voltage: 9 V (six LR6 or FR6 batteries 1.5 V)
·       Cable length: not included
·       Dimensions: 90 x 80 x 75 mm
·       Weight: 300 g