Rass Group Electronics
VZM-2 external speaker can be connected to any EGER hunting call to increase the sound quality and the range of luring up to 2500 m. Its unique design provides for comfortable handling and protection from dust and spray.
This speaker operates in passive mode and is powered from the hunting call itself. VZM-2 is best used to reproduce high-pitched voices of animals and birds. In order to increase the efficiency we advise to use both VZM-2 and AVZM-3 at the same time. Use our 1M2F cables to connect two speakers to a single hunting call.
The speaker is also compatible with our 5 m, 10 m and 20 m extension cables (sold separately).
·       Digital amplifier
·       10 W capacity
·       Volume up to 120 dB
·       Operating range: 2500 m
·       Power: from the game call
·       Cable length: 2.5 m
·       IP rating: IP64BT
·       Weight: 300 g