Since 2004
EGER line of products was first launched in 2004. From the very beginning we stick to the principles of sustainability and aim to produce high quality user-friendly equipment that will serve for many years.
Our equipment will serve you well in wild nature research, wildlife photography and natural resource evaluation. Some countries prohibit the use of electronic luring devices during the hunt, therefore we strongly recommend to study your local laws before taking our electronic call to the hunt. You may also create your own set of voice tracks on a separate memory card and use the electronic call to scare away wild animals and birds from your land lot.
Our most advanced electronic call EGER-6M can also be used as clock, timer, alarm clock and stopwatch.
We currently produce 3 types of electronic hunting calls: EGER-55D, EGER-56D and EGER-6M. To increase the range of your hunting call you may use active (AVZM-1 and AVZM-3) and passive (VZM-1, VZM-2 and VZM-3) external speakers.
All our devices have a soft-touch mat coating in khaki.
Our hunting calls are equipped with high-contrast OLED displays that show all the necessary information. User-friendly interface provides for a quick selection of a required voice track from 248 preset voice tracks of various animals and birds.